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Texas Free Drug Treatment Programs!

Texas has a population of 22,859,968 million people and finding a drug and alcohol treatment program is easy in this large state. The State is home to some of the best national drug and alcohol treatment programs in the United States. People come from all over the country to seek treatment in Texas. However if you do not have the ability to pay for drug treatment or are not covered by a health care plan then you will find seeking treatment for an addiction in Texas a very difficult process. It took me 31 days to find help for an indigent 30-year-old female in May of 2010. The sad fact is this woman could have died waiting for drug rehab. This is a common everyday problem for Texans. However, people constantly leave messages or call me and ask where they can get help for someone who have no money. I have listed some quick links and phone numbers for those living in Texas who needs to find help. 

Follow the link below to find the free treatment programs in Texas. You will have to call the State OSAR which stands for outreach screening and referral.

Free Drug Treatment Link for Texas or call this number 1-877-966-3784.