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Many Kids Who Drink Get Liquor From Home: Report

Many Kids Who Drink Get Liquor From Home: Report

Almost 6% of 12- to 14-year-olds drink, and many get booze from a parent, experts say

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Sober Living Homes in California

What do you do after you discharge from a drug or alcohol Rehab? Most Drug Rehab Programs refer individuals to an aftercare program or a primary therapist. In Some cases individuals leaving a residential treatment program, will be encouraged by the staff to enter into a sober living environment.

There are reasons for a rehab program to suggest that someone go into a Sober Living environment. In most cases the treatment program is trying to help the individual avoid a high risk situation that could cause a relapse or avoid an environment that would be unsafe for the individual. Sometimes the staff of a drug rehab facility might believe that the individual needs to break ties with the enabling of the family so the individual can learn independence and financial responsibility. Sober living homes would be ideal for allowing and individual to begin this process. 

Below is a list of reasons to use a Sober Living Homes:

• Safety of Individual would be compromised if they were to return to old environment.

• Need a fresh start away from old friends and playmates.

• To learn Independence and break the enabling cycle.

• Need more support around people who are engaged in recovery practices.

• Have a tendency to isolate upon discharging from a rehab •

Have a history of relapse and need accountability.

• Still need a structured environment to finish taking the 12-Steps.

There are many other reasons to go into a sober living home upon discharge from a Residential Drug Rehab Program.

If you are looking for a Sober Living Home in California you can go to

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Texas Drug Rehabs Innovative Thinking

Texas Based Drug Rehab Summer Sky is changing the face of addiction treatment. They are on course to launch some of the newest evidence based addiction practices as well as cutting edge recovery support systems in 2011. Traditional Drug Rehabs in the last five years have fallen behind the curve, when it comes to advancement of addiction treatment practices. Summer Sky who has been known to introduce new and innovative addiction practices is again making progress in the area of evidence based treatment practices. In 2009 Summer Sky begin the process of building a treatment team that is focused on quality of care and results. They introduced the first Texas 30 day model of treatment to incorporate Equine Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Aquatic Therapy. This type of addiction expansion was unheard of for a 30 day treatment program. It was usually the practice of 90 day or long- term drug rehabs that offered this type of services. It  did not take long for other Texas Drug Rehabs to begin the process of setting up programs that implemented this type of therapy practices. In 2010 Summer Sky once again pushed the status quo and implemented the first Recovery Team into and addiction treatment program in Texas.

This has allowed the clinical team to focus  on solid clinical services and allow the recovery team to work with the clients on individual recovery, just like it is going to be when they get out of treatment. The lines have become clear for the clients on what the 12-steps are all about and how they fit into their life. 

The Recovery Team and Clinical Team collaborate on many aspects of and individuals recovery and treatment.  Also  the facility implemented Massage therapy and Yoga to the programs. This is usually reserved for luxury facilities.

If you are looking for a rehab center that is making a difference in the Addiction Field Summer Sky is to place to go for great treatment.




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Texas Drug Rehabs

Texas has some great drug rehabs. The State has seen an expansion in addiction treatment services in the last five years. Most of the expansion has come from the private sector. Many industry veterans have questioned the need for new facilities that have emerged. Much talk has taken place in the area of market research. It seems that some of the facilities have been blinded by the grass is greener on the other side mentality.

  The Texas economy is possibly going to reduce it's budget for publicly funded treatment beds this 2011-2012 legislative year. The reality is that 8.4% of people are unemployed. Certainly other States have higher rates, however this is not good for the current treatment industry in Texas. To make things worse health-care benefits have slowly dwindled down or gone away completely with some companies in Texas.

Texas Drug Rehabs are in situations where they must take a look at the actual market and make sound healthy decisions with the opening and expansion of treatment services in the organizations of private and publicly funded drug rehab programs.