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Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure -

Medical Marijuana Approved in Arizona for medical purposes. Sober Sky is interested in following the research and the progress of how this change will effect the citizens of Arizona. If it is used with strict regulation, I personally see no problem with this change, if the benefits out weigh the other medical procedures. I will have to say "I have some doubts", but it is to early to tell if this is a positive thing or a negative event. I have always seen myself as a forward thinking individual. I hope that as a result of the law change that the doctors are actually required to follow the prescriptions that they prescribe for Marijuana and report into some type of research database. I hope that those that are prescribed the use of Marijuana are also held to strict guidelines not to allow others to have prescribed Marijuana. Lot's of questions, but I will have to wait for the data, as it becomes available. Please visit the CNN article for more details on this development.


Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure



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