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Recovery Slogans

In the rooms of 12 step groups all across the country and around the world you can  hear different slogans from members. Each one being unique and hidden with meanings. I remember when I first got sober listening to the different members share these quirky little statements and really pondering some of the slogans. Some of them were quite ridiculous and annoying. Each day that passed and I acquired another sober day some of those saying were all I had in the beginning. I was not fortunate to have a great sponsor to help me through the 12 steps at the beginning of my sobriety. I lived on slogans until I was introduced to the path that would change my life forever. I thought it might be fun to share some of the slogans and also receive any slogans you want with me on my blog. Please feel free to e-mail or post your favorite slogans.    


Scott Kelley

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