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Drug addiction has many different dangerous consequences. One thing that consumers want to think about when looking for a drug treatment program is can the facility handle you or your loved ones medical condition along with the addiction. When you look for a facility, one question to ask the treatment program, is do you have a medical component in your program? What are some of the types of medical staff that are present at the treatment program? Is the medical staff present 24 hours per day?

Not all drug treatment programs have a full time medical staff. This does not mean that if a program does not have a medical staff that the program is not a good program. It simply means that the level of care that they provide is different than a medical based treatment program. The medical based treatment program can provide treatment for a higher risk population than a non-medical residential treatment program.

Some IV drug users can have abscesses and ulcerations caused by soft tissue infections. Having access to a medical staff for this individual helps in the process of healing and treatment. Another important consideration to ask a drug or alcohol treatment program is do they have the ability to provide detoxification on site or do you need to seek detox at an alternative site before entering into the treatment program? Some addictive chemicals are dangerous to withdrawal from and medical attention is required to safely remove the chemicals from the body.   


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